We Respect Your Time - A+ Electrical Services knows that we live in a busy world with hectic schedules. When you call our electrical company we have courteous and understanding professionals take your call, provide you with as much up front information as they can, and then immediately schedule your appointment.

We Respect Your Schedule - Our electrical service professionals understand that you are making a sacrifice in your schedule to fix your electrical problems. Our friendly electricians are prompt and professional and even call you when they are on their way so that you know precisely when to expect them. We will even schedule service calls after our normal business hours -at our same low rates - if that works best with your schedule!

We Respect Your Home - A+ Electrical Services understands that we have a responsibility to our customers. Our licensed electricians treat your home like it was their own: they remove or cover their shoes, they protect your valuables with drop clothes, and they clean up after themselves. They will leave your home just way they found it.

We Respect Your Investment - Our electrical services company believes in old fashion values like honesty and integrity. Our electricians will always provide you with a firm price and written agreement before we start any electrical repairs or electrical projects. We maintain continual communication with our customers throughout entire projects (large or small) to make sure there are never any surprises.

We Respect Your Business - A+ Electrical Services knows that you have choices; we respect your business and will always do the job right the first time. Our electricians never cut corners and always use high grade materials. Ultimately your electrical safety is our biggest concern. All our work comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee and when installing new material we always match the factory warranty. We want to build relationships with our customers and provide them a safe and trustworthy business to turn to whenever they have an electrical need.

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Our overall experience was great, and we plan on using this company again for all our electrical needs. They squeezed us in with our emergency and the electrician was knowledgeable and sorted out our problem. Professional and reasonably priced.

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My building's intercom did not work anymore so I decided to give A+ Electrical Services a try. Their response was immediate and very courteous and professional. When their crew came out on Friday to check out and recognized the problem, they took care of it right away even if normal working hours where over by then (with no surcharge!) so that everything was in order for the weekend and I had happy tenants again. I will use them in a heartbeat next time I need electrical services.

A+ Electrical Services rewired our 3 flat building and installed new electrical panels for each apartment. They were very professional; they worked floor by floor allowing us to finish up one apartment while they worked on another. They always cleaned up after themselves and they were easy to communicate with keeping us updated as they worked. We even had other professional contractors who were impressed with the quality of their electrical work.

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Contact us to replace your existing garage outlets with GFCI outlets. Older two-prong outlets, common in older garages, loose their ability to provide a safe electrical connection, also not being grounded make them a safety hazard. All two-prong outlets should be replaced by a GFCI outlet in order to meet electrical code and keep your garage functioning safely. Are you using an extension pulled across the garage every time you want to vacuum out the car or work with your power tools? Consider installing a new wall outlet, or duplex receptacle for increased convenience and additional safety from tripping or falling over cords.

Outdoor wall sconces and light fixtures will add warmth and appeal to your homes and property. Outdoor porch lights are a focal point of any residence as they welcome visitors to your home or building. Patio lighting also serves a specific purpose and can enhance your family get togethers such as barbecues or outdoor garden parties. A patio at night looks incomplete without patio lighting so, contact our professionals to give you an estimate on updating your patio with lights that will add both functionality as well as security.

Lighting is a key element of any comfortable home. In addition to enabling you to move around safely at night, on a decoration level, lighting gives mood to your room. For correct and safe installation of any light fixture, contact our experienced and licensed electricians. General room lighting is normally provided by a ceiling light fixture that can be controlled with a dimmer switch. This type of lighting should leave room occupants feeling comfortable and enable them to view what they need to see without straining their eyes.

In the event of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency, properly installed and maintained smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can save your life by providing an early warning alarm. Contact A+ Electrical Services to properly install your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector for maximum safety. Installing a smoke detector may be one of the smartest safety decision you will ever make. Fires can occur in a variety of ways and in any room of your home, so having an interconnected smoke alarm system installed by a professional electrician is the first key step towards your family's safety.

Today's technology requires proper wiring to work correctly. Even "wireless" technology involves a lot of wires behind the scenes. A+ Electrical Services installs residential wiring for a range of communications technologies, such as data, phone, video, and audio. We can install wiring both indoors and outdoors. Are you getting ready to expand or remodel your home? We suggest pre-wiring now in order to meet your future technology needs. Pre-wiring today's construction project can minimize the cost of cutting through walls to upgrade wiring for future technology needs.

Ice dams begin when snow accumulates on the roof. Once it builds up, it begins to acts as an insulator. Heat from the attic warms the underside of the roof and melts the bottom snow which runs down the roof until it meets a cold surface like your gutters. There it freezes and accumulates until the layer becomes thicker and thicker, creating an ice dam. All of this action is hidden from view under the snow cover, but the most obvious sign of an ice dam are large icicles hanging off your gutters and the eaves of your house.

Install ceiling fans in addition to your heating or cooling units to increase their efficiency and to lower overall costs. With ceiling fans, furnace or A/C units that are properly adjusted won't need to run as long to make a room comfortable. When buying a new ceiling fan, make sure you choose one with the Energy Star label, this will ensure you're not only circulating your air but doing it with a fan that has been approved as using less energy. If your fan is aged, wobbly, or not working properly it you may want to consider replacing it.