Popular all across the nation as unique electrical company, we boast of a niche we've attained following ours thirty years dedication and diligence in providing our customers the quality-oriented services. Why to hire services of ours i.e. National Electrics may spontaneously haunt you customers to dwell on while its answer is very simple. Because it provides long-lasting services guaranteeing 100%-safety of the house and its inmates from short-circuit, cable-fault, and voltage fluctuation.

The local electricians or electric-mechanics work only for the sake of money and such of theirs money-mindedness encourages them to charge heavily, which they should offer as a part of safety-related services. But we do not charge anything extra, as far as safety is concerned. The electricians we send to install solar-panels or do any electrical job do not happen to be the semi-skilled electrical mechanics but highly trained engineers. Our experts do no dispense with what a customer wants to use due to insufficient budget. Rather we provide best option.

So if you are looking for efficient electric-service-provider you should end up yours search by opting for the National Electrics, a most sought-after electrics company of USA, based at Los Angeles.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We help in finishing all types of projects faster!
  • Our services are outstanding, while fee we charge is too meager!
  • We provide engineers and not the untrained or semi-skilled electric mechanics!

Contact Details

  City Los Angeles, CA
  Zip Code 90027
  Address 1736 N. Mariposa
  Phone Number (818) 500-1186

Products & Services

Services of National Electrics

Services of National Electrics

Availing the services of ours efficient electrical engineers is very simple. Just call us at 818-500-1186 and team of our expert will reach at your doorstep within less than half an hour. Those who are anxious of our location should not worry at all as we've set up our service centers across the entire America, in all the important locations.

* Installing solar panels.
* Wiring and re-wiring of residential-houses and commercial complexes.
* Installing safety systems, including fuses, short-circuit-controller and all the electrical appliances.

Customer Testimonials

National Electric is the best in the business everyone. Affordable prices, reliable and knowledgeable electricians will make sure your problems are solved, you even get lifetime warranty, how great is that? Their electrician troubleshooted my home and gave me different options on how to solve the problem that was compatible with my budget. Safety and customer satisfaction is their #1 priority, if they do a job, it has to be perfect altogether, that is their responsibility! I am at peace of mind and am very happy to have contacted them from the Yellow Pages.

You don't see many electricians that know exactly the physics of their job. I have a PhD in electrical engineering and when I called National Electric, their experienced electricians knew their job so well, that their explained to me my problem and how it usually arises, I'd rather put my trust in this company, where they know exactly what they're doing. Also, their prices are always affordable and 24/7 service is reliable, it is family owned, they don't pay workers comp, so their prices are way less expensive. They're simply the best.

Affordable electrical service with lifetime warranty. I called National Electric from yellowpages, when I needed to fix some issues from my previous house electrician... They responded to me very quickly. Within 1 hour the electric was in front of my house in Glendale. They gave me an instant estimate and fixed the job in less then 40 min. Very fast and reliable service!

I am very happy with their service! It doesn't happen often when I need electrician's services, so I don't know much about the prices and the work that needs to be done. National Electric gave me the best price and also explained to me the details of the job. He also gave me some tips how to avoid the problem. National Electric is one of the best electrical companies in Los Angeles Area that I would confidently refer to any of my friends.

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