Licensed and Insured and Experienced in the Unlimited Classification to assist you with your wiring needs, whatever they may be. Residential Service Installations and Industrial Installations, Control wiring, to include all types of instrumentation, or hard wiring applications, If you need technology, or assistance with troubleshooting, I can help.

Contact Details

  Person Robert Joseph Staton Jr
  City Zebulon, NC
  Zip Code 27597
  Address 211 West Glenn St
  Phone Number (919) 802-7028

Business Representative

Robert Joseph Staton Jr

I have over 27 years electrical experience to put to work for you. The past 23 years have been industrial experience with residential in between. I am fully licensed in the unlimited classification and I am fully insured and bondable, license # 29116-u. I have a thorough knowledge of the most demanding wiring applications and controls. I would like to comment on the qualiity I like to put in every job.

Craftmanship is a requirement in my generation. Safety is a high priority and insurance is costly. Sometimes it may seem that being code compliant may seem costly but in the long run, it can save a home or more importantly, a life. I will remain competetive in my pricing. Please think twice before allowing unauthorized people to complete your work. Their work is not guaranteed and is not protected by insurance. I always thank you for your support.